Other Projects

Do Electoral Campaigns Influence Public Support for Trade? Evidence from the 2016 US Presidential Election (with Jason Kuo). 2018.

Individual-level trade-policy preferences are generally treated as immutable in international political economy. We identify changes in preferences during the 2016 United States presidential campaign. We find the Trump campaign and election mobilized progressive voters toward pro-trade attitudes, more in line with identity-based preferences than those predicted by existing models.

Regional Trade and National Inequality: The Case of MERCOSUR (with Gabriela LeCaro-Calle). 2018.

The effects of trade on inequality within developing countries is somewhat ambiguous. We find that, for members of MERCOSUR, within-MERCOSUR trade is associated with decreased levels of income inequality.

The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Countries (with Nikki Harish). (for the Handbook of the International Political Economy of Development, edited by David Hudson). 2018.

Financial Innovation, Economic Growth, and the Consequences of Macroprudential Policies (with Maxence Luc-Bernier). 2017.

We assess the aggregate impact of financial innovation on economic growth, finding it has a positive effect. Macroprudential policies have no discernable influence on financial innovation’s influence on economic growth.