Research Interests

International political economy, business-government relations, diplomatic and economic networks, firm heterogeneity and globalization, fisheries policy, international finance, international trade and trade policy, monetary policy, political economy of East Asia

Current Position

2013-present – Lecturer in International Political Economy, University College London School of Public Policy

2015-2018 – Director, Affiliate Program in Political Science and International Relations

2015-2018 – Departmental Tutor, Department of Political Science


2013 – PhD in International Political Economy – University of California, San Diego

Dissertation – The New Political Economy of Trade: Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Policy

Committee – J Lawrence Broz (chair), Megumi Naoi (co-chair), Peter Cowhey, Stephan Haggard, Marc Muendler

2009 – MA in International Relations – University of California, San Diego

2007 – BA with Distinction in International Studies, Economics – University of California, San Diego


‘Firm Heterogeneity and Trade-Policy Stances: Evidence from a Survey of Japanese Producers.’ Business and Politics 19.1:1-40, 2017.

‘Trading Representation: Diplomacy’s Influence on Preferential Trade Agreements.’ (with Roos van der Sterren), British Journal of Politics and International Relations 18.4:889-911, 2016.

‘Heterogeneous Firms and Policy Preferences.’ In The Oxford Handbook on the Politics of International Trade, Lisa Martin (ed.). 2015. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 196-212.

‘The Effectiveness of Monetary Anchors: Firm-Level Evidence.’ (with J. Lawrence Broz), International Organization 64.4, 2010.

Working Papers

Electoral Systems and Trade-Policy Outcomes: The Effects of Personal-Vote Incentives on Barriers to International Trade (with Patrick Wagner) [Under review]

Financial Innovation, Economic Growth, and the Consequences of Macroprudential Policies (with Maxence Luc-Bernier) [Under review]

The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Countries. (forthcoming for the Handbook of the International Political Economy of Development, with Nikki Harish)

Liberalization for Sale: Heterogeneous Firms and Lobbying over FTAs.

Do Electoral Campaigns Influence Public Support for Trade? Evidence from the 2016 US Presidential Election (with Jason Kuo)

Regional Trade and Intra-national Inequality: The Case of MERCOSUR (with Gabriela LeCaro-Calle)

Producers and the Political Economy of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff.

Firms and Foreign Markets: Internationalization Strategies and Stances on Foreign Economic Policies.


The Political Economy of Institutional Quality and Monetary Policy (two papers)

The New Political Economy of Trade: Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Policy. (Book manuscript)

A Network Approach to the Formation of Diplomatic Ties. (with Daniel Maliniak)

Selected Ongoing Projects

Front-Office Contracts and Managerial Incentives (with Thomas Gift, supported by UCL’s Laidlaw Fellowship Program)

Political Institutions and Trade-Protection Dispersion (with Timm Betz)

Firms and Lobby Dispersion (with Kerry Tan)

Honors and Awards

Best Graduate Student Paper at APSA 2011, Political Networks Section, with Daniel Maliniak

Edmund G. Brown Sr. Fellowship, UC San Diego 2007-2008.

National Merit Scholar, UC San Diego 2003-2007.

IBM Thomas J Watson Scholar, UC San Diego 2003-2007.

Conference Presentations and Talks

National Chengchi University 2017.

National Unversity of Singapore 2017.

Rethinking Free Trade: Liberal International Economic Order in the Wake of Brexit and Trump. Academia Sinica 2017.

APSA annual conference 2017, 2015, 2012 (prepared), 2011 (two papers), 2008.

UC San Diego 2013, 2012.

International Studies Association annual conference 2012.

International Political Economy Society annual meeting 2011.

Japan Society of International Economics 2011.

Professional Associations

American Political Science Association, European Political Science Association, Forum for Research in Empirical International Trade, International Economics and Finance Society, International Political Economy Society, National Economic Education Delegation, Royal Economic Society

Current Teaching Experience

ANTH3040 BSc Human Sciences Seminar Project (Dissertation) (Undergraduate)

BASC3002 BASc Dissertation Supervision (Undergraduate)

POLS3006 MSc PPE Dissertation Supervision (Undergraduate)

POLS7015 International Political Economy (Affiliate/Undergraduate, previously listed as POLS6015)

PUBLG050 International Political Economy (Postgraduate)

PUBLG110 International Trade Policy (Postgraduate)

PUBLG099 MSc Dissertation Supervision (Postgraduate)

Additional Teaching Experience


Introductory Political Methodology and Research Design, Introduction to International Relations, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Politics of Immigration, Comparative Political Economy, Chinese Politics, Korean Politics, Introduction to Public Health


Introduction to Matching (PhD Seminar)


American Journal of Political Science, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Economics and Politics, Environmental Politics, European Journal of Political Research, International Studies Quarterly, Polity Press, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, Routledge/Taylor and Francis, World Medical and Health Policy (book review with Liang Kim Ong, 2016), World Politics

Media Appearances

International Business Times, 21 and 25 October 2016 (Trump campaign and women, trade policy)

BBC World News Business Live, 24 February 2017 (Trump and manufacturing, trade policies)

Newsweek, 7 April 2017 (Trump-Xi summit, trade and exchange-rate policies)

World Finance, 7 March 2018 (Trump tariff announcement)

Alvexo, 17 March 2018 (Economic history and Trump tariff)

Deutsche Welle, 20 April 2018 (US telecommunications trade and security)