Each substantive theme has a separate page with brief descriptions of the associated projects.

Global Firms and Economic Policy

Firm Heterogeneity and Trade-Policy Stances. Business and Politics 19(1):1-40. 2017.

Liberalization for Sale. Working Paper, 2017.

Firms and Policy Preferences. Oxford Handbook on the Political Economy of International Trade, edited by Lisa Martin. 196-212. 2015.

Producers and the Political Economy of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. Working Paper, 2015.

Firms & Foreign Markets: Internationalization Strategies and Stances on Foreign Economic Policies. Working Paper, 2011.

The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Anchors: Firm-Level Evidence (with J Lawrence Broz). International Organization 64(4). 2010.

Institutional Political Economy

Institutional Quality and Monetary Policy. Working Paper, 2017.

Electoral Institutions and Trade Policy: Personal-Vote Incentives and Barriers to Trade. [Appendix] (with Patrick Wagner), 2017.

Political Economy of Diplomacy

Trading Representation: Diplomacy’s Influence on PTAs (with Roos van der Sterren). British Journal of Politics and International Relations 18(4):889-911. 2016.

A Network Approach to the Formation of Diplomatic Ties (with Daniel Maliniak). Working Paper, 2011.

Other Projects

Do Electoral Campaigns Influence Public Support for Trade? Evidence from the 2016 US Presidential Election (with Jason Kuo). 2018.

Regional Trade and National Inequality: The Case of MERCOSUR (with Gabriela LeCaro-Calle). 2018.

The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Countries (with Nikki Harish). (for the Handbook of the International Political Economy of Development, edited by David Hudson). 2018.

Financial Innovation, Economic Growth, and the Consequences of Macroprudential Policies (with Maxence Luc-Bernier). 2017.