Classes (Modules in UCL Jargon)

POLS7015 – Undergraduate International Political Economy

PUBLG050 – Postgraduate International Political Economy

PUBLG110 – Postgraduate International Political Economy

Syllabi listed here are not necessarily current. Enrolled students should instead refer to course materials posted through UCL’s Moodle platform.

Dissertation Supervision

Supervision Resources

I supervise undergraduate and MSc dissertations (theses).

PhD applicants should refer to the department’s guidelines for information on the application process. PhD proposals should possess a significant quantitative component and substantive focus that directly relates to my own research interests, both substantively and geographically. Potential PhD students contacting me without a clear proposal that meets these simple expectations should not expect to receive a response; I receive too many emails as it is. Applicants that request my supervision without contacting me during the process should not expect to be accepted.

Substantive Topics for MSc Supervision

Business-government relations, Comparative/International political economy, Data-driven approaches to cybersecurity, Financial development/innovation, Firm heterogeneity, Fisheries management, Immigration, Industrial organization, International trade, Monetary policy, Political economy of East Asia, Production networks/Value chains

I am not interested in the following topics:
Chinese aid/FDI to Africa, Foreign aid, Grand strategy, International institutions, One Belt-One Road

Methodological Approaches for MSc Supervision

I supervise quantitative projects and qualitative projects using a design-based comparative-case approach.

Applied econometrics (OLS, MLE, GEE, GMM, etc.)
Comparative cases (MDS, MSS)
Multilevel models
Nonparametric analysis (lasso, matching, etc.)
Network analysis