Royal and Ancient Committee


The Royal and Ancient Committee

The Royal and Ancient Committee is neither royal nor ancient. It also does not act as an official committee under UCL's auspices. Its history can be traced back to a bottle of whisky shared between colleagues over a series of afternoons beginning in 2014. The following year, discussion at one of these meetings revolved around a particularly annoying implementation of policy and the development of a strategy to pursue reform. At this point, the Whisky (and Baked Goods) Subcommittee was born, but no agreement could be reached regarding the parent committee. The 'sub' was then dropped, and the Whisky Committee met on an ad hoc basis to consume whisky and baked goods, unwind, and to coordinate efforts at policy reform.

A change in personnel in 2016 and the addition of office golf led to the renaming of the committee as the Royal and Ancient Committee (three members were present for this). The RAC's general aims are twofold: 1) Promoting a friendly, supportive and welcoming social atmosphere within the department; 2) Coordinating efforts to gain improvements in the application of regulations for those affiliated with the department.