Michael Plouffe

My Research

This page organizes my research projects according to general themes. Working papers are generally available through SSRN or ResearchGate, while Google Scholar includes published work. Working-paper links are available through 'WP'.

Research Interests

Business-Government Relations
Comparative Political Economy
East Asian Political Economy
Financial Innovation
Firm Heterogeneity
Fisheries Management
Industrial Organization
International Investment
International Political Economy
International Trade
Monetary Policy
Production Networks and Value Chains

Heterogeneous Firms, Globalization, and Economic Policy

Firm Heterogeneity and Trade-Policy Stances Business and Politics, 2017 WP

Firms and Policy Preferences Oxford Handbook on the Political Economy of International Trade

Producers and the Political Economy of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff WP | APSA Slides

Liberalization for Sale WP

Firms & Foreign Markets WP (early version)

The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Anchors: Firm-Level Evidence (with J Lawrence Broz) International Organization, 2010

Political-Economy Effects of Institutions

Institutional Quality and Monetary Policy WP

Electoral Institutions and Trade Policy: Personal-Vote Incentives and Barriers to Trade [Appendix] (with Patrick Wagner)

Political Economy of Diplomacy

Trading Representation: Diplomacy's Influence on PTAs (with Roos van der Sterren) British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 2016

A Network Approach to the Formation of Diplomatic Ties(with Daniel Maliniak) WP

Other Projects

Financial Innovation, Macroprudential Policies & Growth (with Maxence Luc-Bernier)

Desperate Times and Desperate Measures: Environmental Vulnerability's Impact on the Fisheries of the SIDS (with Akanisi Nabalarua)

The Political Economy of FDI in Developing Countries (with Nikki Harish)